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Ramadan Journal Pack (Ramazan Günlügü Paketi, ingilzce)


Ramadan Journal Pack (Ramazan Günlügü Paketi, ingilzce)

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Ramadan Journal Pack

-A5 Sized Notebook
-7 Different Cut out Stickers
-2 Button accessories

Ramadan Journal pack is a notebook and 7 different cut-out sticker sheets.
The size of the notebook is A5 and it is 50 pages stapled by the spine and dotted patterned.
There are 7 different cut out sticker sheets to decorate the notebook.
They is a Ramadan tracker sticker to follow one's progress and the Checklist for the month.
We wanted to make something interactive for kids and teenagers so they can fill the journal as they see fit. Take notes of what they have learned or what they have accomplished.
Ramadan Journal pack also comes with 2 button accessories.

You can use this pin on your jackets, backpacks, purses, pencil cases, and everything else you would like to decorate.

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