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Redka Dedektif Plus


Redka Dedektif Plus

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With the game level that can be determined according to the difficulty level, Detective Plus is a great family game that can be played with pleasure.


The game can be played individually as well as in groups.

Detective Plus Game is played on a double-sided game board, which consists of 9 separate parts and has different shapes on it. These shapes are also found on playing cards.

The game begins with the top of the 70 playing cards stacked upside down.

Depending on the difficulty level of the game, there may be 1-2 or 3 figures on the card.

The first player to find the shape or shapes on the card on the game board stops the game by pressing the bell placed in the middle of the game board.

If he got the shapes right, he wins the card; points according to the number of shapes on the card.

The game continues until the cards are gone.

At the end of the game, the person with the highest score according to the cards collected wins the game.

-Detective Plus Game; strengthens the ability of attention, concentration and focus;

improves visual perception and memory techniques.

It is also very useful for the cognitive development of children and the strengthening of their visual perception ability.

- With the game level that can be determined according to the difficulty level of the game cards, children and families will have a pleasant time with Detective Junior and Detective Plus games!

Box contents:

*70 Detective Plus Cards,

*1 Piece of Bell

*35 Detective Junior Cards,

*Double Sided Printed Cardboard Floor

Age: 3+

Number of players: 2 or more

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